Cheongsam qipao and tangzhuang

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Custom qipao cheongsam and tangzhuang

Cheongsam became the most common women's clothing after the 1920s in the Republic of China, and was established as one of the national dresses by the government of the Republic of China in 1929. With the renewed emphasis on traditional culture and the influence brought by film and television culture, fashion shows, and beauty pageants after the 1980s, cheongsam was gradually revived not only in the mainland, but also in various fashionable places around the world. The cheongsam is a westernized variation of the Chinese clothing tradition. It combines the characteristics of cheongsam vest and civilized new clothes, and at the same time combines the western dress form, constitutes the shadow of western fashion and different from the traditional Chinese gown, but also has distinctive Chinese characteristics and symbols of the times of the new fashion and clothing aesthetic characteristics, and can be a design model for the integration of Chinese and western clothing. 

The Tangzhuang Jacket is a modern garment with traditional elements designed according to the prototype of Qing Dynasty lapel coat, adding a stand-up collar and western-style three-dimensional tailoring. 

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