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Ms. Song has 35 years of experience in the clothing industry and has run her own shops in Guangzhou and Shanghai. Many of her clients are ambassadors and staff from the Finnish, American and Australian embassies based in Guangzhou.

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A Dream Crafter. Behind Chinese Haute Couture.

The word Haute Couture comes from the French. Haute means high-end, Couture refers to sewing, embroidery and other crafts.

In 1858, French fashion designer Charles Frederick Worth opened the world’s first haute couture store in Paris, setting a very specific image and standard for it and the story of Haute Couture began.

Haute Contour studios design made-to-order clothes for private clients, with more than one fitting. From Gucci to Alexander McQueen, embroidery to opulent gold frocks, Chinese Haute Couture is comprised of avant-garde garments that are steeped in Chinese symbolism and expertly illuminate traditional handicraft techniques.

Today, as the industry’s never stops to surprise us with billion digitals about sales and its international growth, fashion becomes more and more commercial. Haute Couture, is the perfect imagination and throw-back for the golden times, when clothes were made to be arts and shape ones behavior.

From design to production, the process of ritual sensation, the unique and intimate experience of the noble, Haute Couture is undoubtedly the ultimate dream of every single woman. As the fashion world keeps growing impetuously, the spirit of Haute Couture becomes even more precious.

In our Toronto, there is an haute couture workshop that inherits this mysterious craft. Shanghai LeeYonge Custom Tailoring Studio is a privately ordered workshop, mainly engaged in high-end private tailored suits, shirts, Tang suits, cheongsams, dresses, and the sale of some accessories (ties, silk scarves and fabrics).

Song’s commitment to honoring and revitalizing forgotten Chinese craft practices is reflected in the intricate embroidery of her work, as well as in her label and atelier, Shanghai LeeYonge Custom Tailoring Studio.

Today, with the common interest of arts and fashion, StreetChic was lucky enough to be invited to have a sit-down interview with Ms. Song.

Song’s definition of fashion in the interview explained the reason why the high-end handicraft workshop lasted for a long time in the history. Fashion is the art of excellence, not just the goods that are quickly consumed.

Song herself grew up during the Cultural Revolution, when only drab, shapeless Mao suits were acceptable attire. A revival of fashion and art was needed for a long long time.

Song ’s come to symbolize a new China—and the way non-Europeans and non-Americans are finally becoming forces in international fashion.

To be sure, Song’s designs have drawn on Chinese culture in blazers, suits or Qi Pao, not just in the embroidery and fabrics, but in their motifs. Looking at her design, the fabric and cutting are obviously premium and high-end.

The color is as beautiful as the sunset, and the texture is soft as the moonlight.

She uses premium fabrics for her design, such as silk and wool. These fabrics not only look much more superior on body, but also produced with nature ingredients which allow them to be so comfortable against the body and to remain an extremely long lasting quality.

Song has the eyes of observation to spot customers’ needs and likings within a few moments of casual chatting. She also has the hands of artists to work with these delicate fabrics and quickly turn them into pieces and pieces of art.

Song believes, with good fabric and design, clothing can also become a treasure to hand over to the next generations.

Shanghai LeeYonge Custom Tailoring Studio can easily find the connection between Haute Couture and each customer, noble or elegant, delicate or bold, all by you. You can find this tailoring studio at Pacific Mall where thousands of people enjoy the unique shopping experience.

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  1. clothing custom tailoring, including men's jackets, pants, suits, tuxedos, cheongsam, shirts, blazers bespoke tailor.

  2. Alteration services: alter all kinds of fabrics or textiles, including, cashmere wool, leather, and regular fabrics.