The night before a job interview with a prestigious accounting firm, a talented finance student, alone in a foreign country, discovers that the suit he paid for at HR months ago does not fit.

Mr. Lee, who has worked hard for many years and has a successful career, has just been elected Honorary Chairman of the real estate industry, only to find out the night before a dinner party that none of his opulent wardrobe reflects his mood at the moment.

Olivia, a spoilt rich girl who grew up with a hipster boyfriend, is ready to abuse her dog in Yorkdale when she's attracted to Vincent, a solitary talent in an elegant suit. ......

Secrets of a successful man's wardrobe → Canada is a country of gender equality, so ---- men have nothing to hide, so let's start looking good! Just like a real estate agent needs a good car and a banker needs a good mouth, every successful man should have his own custom-made suit!

Why do we need bespoke?

Since Charles Frederic Worth, the father of French fashion, opened his first bespoke couture shop in the 19th century, Haute Couture has become a symbol of wealth and status. A symbol of wealth and status.

There is a big difference between 'bespoke' and 'bespoke', in that the former is unique and the latter is mass-produced, and 'bespoke' and 'tailor-made' are also different. It is not the same concept as "tailor shop", as in the case of cars, SLRs and dummies, bespoke shops not only provide customers with exclusive services only for you, but also a way for customers to enjoy the process themselves, as it has evolved into an attitude of life, a kind of self-appreciation and Self-affirmation.

You can become friends with your tailor, take your time to enjoy the process of choosing your own fabrics, expose your body flaws openly and honestly, in short, in a bespoke shop, there is something about you everywhere, not the cold "fashion" of the sun.


A suit specialist for all your bespoke needs

At LeeYongeBespoke, gentlemen who want to express their individuality and lifestyle can be involved in the entire process of designing a 'BespokeTailoring' suit according to their own preferences. The BespokeTailoring process is a unique one. Exclusive, exclusive and one-of-a-kind, the design and tailoring is tailored by a master according to your own body characteristics, making it more than just a suit, it is synonymous with fit, perfection and elegance, rather than the vulgarity of showing off your wealth. In Europe and America, the concept of 'BespokeTailoring' has long been a popular one, and Savile Row in London, which has been famous since the 19th century, is a mecca for haute couture menswear, gathering the best tailors in Britain and the world. They are frequented by royalty, glittering fashion stars and wealthy business tycoons alike.

It's not just models who can 'fit', LeeYonge makes handmade suits just for you, giving you a unique and one-of-a-kind experience in the world.

LeeYonge Bespoke is the exclusive quality of the best

In fact, apart from the exclusivity and uniqueness of bespoke suits, quality and tailoring are the reasons why most people choose BespokeTailoring, as the three-dimensional shape of a suit is a test of the wearer's body shape. Unlike the flat and neutral Chinese suit, an ill-fitting suit will expose the body's flaws to the fullest extent. The reason why many people feel that Chinese people don't look as good in suits as Westerners is because of the difference in body shape, as Westerners have a more imposing bone structure and lines that better portray the three-dimensional and rigid silhouette and cut of a suit. The reason is that they don't just buy their suits at branded shops, they also modify and customise them to suit their own bodies.

"This is not an irresponsible compliment, because a "BespokeTailoring" suit is made with the inspiration, dedication and skill of the tailor, and the attention to every detail such as size and specification. The "Only for you" service, with its precise grasp of every detail such as size and specification, and the special treatment for the customer's body features, brings the wearer an indescribable sense of comfort, and the flaws in the wearer's body are well concealed, making short people look taller and fat people look thinner. The comfort and fit is unprecedented. There is no other person in the world who can wear this suit so well and so nicely!

Benefits of bespoke suits at LeeYonge

* Benefits of a bespoke suit I.

It flatters your body shape (so you can concentrate on eating)

* Bespoke suit benefit two.

The exclusivity of quality (why should I be like you?)

* Bespoke suit benefit three.

Choice of fabric, no ceiling (as good as you want it to be)

* Haute Couture Suit Benefit Four.

Mastery of the uncrowned (no logo, but 100 times classier than if you had a logo)

--Emperor's defiance

Courtesy of LeeYonge

Top quality fabrics Wear a taste that is only yours

Wear a taste that is only for you. The different environments, cultural backgrounds and occasions that you attend can lead to differences in the materials you need. As a bespoke suit, we pay attention to every detail of the customer's life, so that the fabric can be adapted to the customer's daily activities.

For decades, Scabal has been striving to provide its customers with the finest fabrics. Scabal is not only the common choice of many tailors in London's Savile Row, it is also the only fabric you will ever want to remember. As a leader with its own factory, Scabal focuses more on formalwear styles, taking the beauty of stripes to the limit with an astonishingly complete colour palette.

Exceptional's service

helping customers to choose fabrics at will, according to their preferences

attention to detail, technical expertise and careful measurement

Assistance in choosing the right style for the customer, or customisation

Free alterations and refunds for any size or quality problems

A product that best suits your body type

In addition to our tailored suits and shirts, we also have a range of tailored suits and shirts for the Asian body type, with a wide choice of patterns to suit urgent needs, and a team of professional tailors on hand should the need arise.

Tailoring process

1. When the customer arrives at the shop, the consultant will first understand the customer's needs and then give advice (fabric, style, colour)

2、Fitting (1 to 1), the tailor will first measure the customer's net size and then decide how much to fit or not, depending on the customer's body type, fabric and occasion.

3, make a sample (first fit pattern), then let the customer wear it and adjust it to perfection.

4. The finished garment is put on and the result is tried on. Standing in the middle of the fitting room, you are the protagonist of the world.